Hello people, it’s a new year!

If you are a fan of Eat That Toat then you may have noticed that comics haven’t been updating as frequently. This is for a myriad of reasons, some being that I’m busy with other work and some that I just can’t think of anything good. I’ve been doing Eat That Toast comics for over three years now and each year end up producing fewer comics than the one before it. I still like drawing it and don’t feel like this well has run dry, but I think it’s time for a change. So the comic is going on a hiatus for now with potential spotty updates throughout the year.

So that’s kind of a bummer and it might disappoint a few people, but I’m going shift focus to do a couple things:

1. Compile all the best comics from Eat That Toast and put them into a book. With this book you will be able to hold it in your hands, put it on your coffee table, or use it to pad your awesome bookshelf. The book will be in color, have commentary, and a few bonus comics. Tentatively I’d like to debut it at the Small Press Expo in September 2014. This way I can sit next to Kevin and Liz and actually have something offer.

2. Produce a short animated series. I’m working with a friend to animate a script he’s written. It’s called “The Best Friends That Ever Lived” and it’ll be roughly six episodes long. We’re going start production on it later this month and will be out sometime later this year.

That’s the plan for 2014. I don’t usually like to make so many bold declarations, but I feel confident about making this stuff happen, and saying it out loud adds a bit of accountability. I also think it’s important to consistently challenge yourself. If you want to be a better artist (whatever your medium or skill level may be) just challenge yourself to do a little bit more than you’re comfortable with.

So thank you to everyone who has read Eat That Toast and anyone who was interested enough to read this far. Being able to share my comics with people has been cool. A lot more people read them than I ever thought would and that is way cool. Words are dumb so here is something that is not words